CD – Abfahrt in fünf Minuten – Harp Duo Zirla


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Harp duo Zirla challenges cliches and surprises with energetic harp music full of enthusiasm and zest for musical dialogue. The two musicians quote elements of Pop, film soundtrack, Early music and blues and put them together to create exciting arrangements.

Both musicians play copies of so called Bohemian harps – the harps of itinerant musicians of the 19th and early 20th century, closely related to Latin American harps. And both instruments have a striking, unusual feature – a kind of baroque, analog effect device. It is called „bray pin slider“, can be switched on and off by a fast move and will turn the enchanting melody of the harp into a wild, distorted sound. The themes for our arrangements were almost entirely taken from German dance music manuscripts of the 18th – 20th century.

Daniela Heiderich – Hakenharfe, Gesang

Merit Zloch – Hakenharfe, Gesang


Songs and pieces on this CD

1. Leipzig rockt

2. Schwesterlein, wann gehn wir nach Haus?

3. Weißwein und Lebkuchen

4. Fünf Minuten

5. Schleifer

6. Cila

7. Dreyßer-Dreier

8. Anglaisen nach Heyse

9. Mein Röslein

10. Meo ho Barba Nicolo

11. Im Maien

12. Schöpfwerktanz

13. Hungarisch Ballet

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