CD – “Love Songs within the Boundaries of Possibility” – TradTöchter

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TradTöchter – New Fiddle Music

“Love Songs within the Boundaries of Possibility”

13 dance pieces and songs from German-speaking areas, including the duo ́s own compositions rooted in traditional music. Arranged for violin, 5-string viola, two voices and more. Delicate and wild, dreamy and sweeping.

Vivien Zeller – violin, vocals, jaw harp

Ursula Suchanek – 5-string viola, vocals, jaw harp

Recording, sound: Horst Vogelsang

Design: Per Dittmann

Self published in 2018 (Vivien Zeller, Ursula Suchanek)

1. Sülzegrund

2 Das Frühjahr

3 Walzer für Akkordeon in der Nacht

4 Drei Schätzlein

5 Komm Komm

6 Sturmflut

7 Die 3. Potenz der Lüge ist die Realität

8 Das Blümlein

9 Himmel über Wittenberg

10 Keleolu

11 to the young lady

12 Synkopenabklärung

13 Seute Deern/ Helle Stunden



“These two young women play the violin with power and groove. Sometimes they sing along. What seem at first to be harmless folk songs go on to tell stories of love, lust and female desire.“ (Berit Brockhausen 2018)

“(…) their hands flew virtuosically over the strings of the violins, they were plucking and knocking and the instrument was played like a guitar. Everything fit, everything worked and sounded surprisingly innovative.

Their beautiful, clear voices complemented each other perfectly and, together with the music of the violins, one would think that more than two people were playing on stage.“ (Wittenburger Musikverein 2019)

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