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TradTöchter are Vivien Zeller (violin, vocals) and Ursula Suchanek (5-string viola, vocals.)
The two violinists play and sing traditional music and songs from Germany and their own compositions.

The tunebook contains a total of 31 pieces and songs from the TradTöchter repertoire, each with melody, chords and accompanying parts as played by the duo. The songs are printed with full lyrics.

Each piece comes with a short explanatory text.

13 pieces from the tunebook feature on the CD “Love Songs within the Boundaries of Possibility”.

Self published in 2018 (Vivien Zeller, Ursula Suchanek)

1 6:30 Ostkreuz
2 40 Grad im Parkhaus
3 Das Blümelein
4 Der rote Apfel
5 Die 3.Potenz der Lüge ist die Realität
6 Die Fischerin
7 Drei Schätzlein
8 Frühjahr
9 Himmel über Wittenberg
10 Juz Juz, Dat Lü
11 Keleolu
12 Kind of B
13 Komm Komm
14 Liebe zum Frühstück
15 Seute Deern/ Helle Stunden
16 Sie blüht
17 Sturmflut
18 Sülzegrund
19 Synkopenabklärung
20 To the you Lady
21 Tüdelband
22 Walzer für Akkordeon in der Nacht
23 Warten auf den Meister

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