Music book / workbook for ensemble – “Favourite Music 1” (De/En)

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expected in the first quarter of 2021

“Lieblingsmusik 1“ (“Favourite Music 1“ )

Scottish, Polonaise, Minuet, Uneven Waltz, Fast Dances in Three

with accompanying parts and chords by Vivien Zeller

The music book “Lieblingsmusik“ comes in two volumes and is intended as a workbook for teachers and musicians, in ensemble lessons, bands and self-study. It can, of course, also simply be used as a tunebook. The music book contains 26 melodies from dance pieces, each with two accompanying voices and chords. There are also suggestions for rhythmic accompaniments and a detailed description of how to use the book. The material can be used like a construction kit. The accompanying voices can be used individually or together and also without a melody as a bridge. In this way, the users of the books can create their own arrangements. The pieces are traditional melodies from handwritten manuscripts of the German-speaking area and new compositions by various musicians. Some of the melodies and parts of the arrangements are playable on instruments with reduced range. This pieces are marked in the index as playable on bagpipes in G/C.

Self-published by Vivien Zeller 2021

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"Lieblingsmusik 1“ (“Favourite Music 1“ ), „Favourite Music 1+2“, „Favourite Music 1+2“ und „Ensemble Arrangements“


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