CD – Antithesis – Branschke Armstrong Duo




This innovative duo pushes the boundaries of piping both musically and technically.

Their music is witty, lively and touching, blending different genres to create a unique sound and style. The close interplay of the two instruments can make the listeners forget that its not the sound of one, but the melding sound of two pipes playing.

The duo plays original compositions by Callum Armstrong using the splendid possibilities and sound effects provided by the instruments to create a music that is catchy as well as surprising.

Their instruments are pipes with half closed fingering, inspired by the tradition of Central European bagpipes.

You have never experienced drone music like that before!


Callum Armstrong – Dudelsack in tief D

Matthias Branschke – Dudelsack in tief D


1. Caught in a Deluge, Derided by Frogs
2. Gigantic Orange Monkey
3. Mazurka Waltz
4. Das Jahr des springenden Häuptlings
5. Sleepy Summer Lanes
6. Hiragana
7. Fake     News!!!
8. 4.30am
9. Rock Reel

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