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Swedish riksspelman Olle Gällmo and German bagpipe maker Matthias Branschke share a passion for the Swedish bagpipe(säckpipa). Here they play selected favourites from the extensive collection of tunes they have taught in workshops at Spielkurs Pipenbock since 2011.

Spielkurs Pipenbock is an annual event in Northern Germany which features workshops on traditional instruments, music and dance. The säckpipa workshops have focused on Swedish and German repertoire for the instrument under the tagline ‘the best of two worlds’. However, in reality, the two worlds are not so different; Swedish and German traditional dance musics are closely related and can be thought of as two yolks from the same egg! Tunes from either tradition fit well together, as amply demonstrated on this CD.

The CD contains 22 tunes, 11 Swedish and 11 German, all arranged for two Swedish bagpipes in E/A. A tune book of all tunes and arrangements is sold separately.


Olle Gällmo – säckpipa

Matthias Branschke – säckpipa


1. Nahke No: 5. Quadrille
2. Långdans från Sollerön / Nr. 59 nach Kral
3. Manschester aus Arendsee / Gigue efter Niclas Tiliander
4. Långdansvals efter Knaft Jonke
5. Polonäise Tantz nach Johann Diederich Dahlhoff / Angloise d. 24.ten Februarius aus Wernigerode
6. Polska 53 efter Petter Dufva
7. Polska efter Mats Wesslén / Senpolska efter Göran Lång
8. Nr. 38 nach Johann Friedrich Dreysser
9. Vals efter Vardags Magnus / Nahke No: 14. Mazur
10. Polska efter Mjölnar Johansson
11. No: 22 Schleifer aus Seibis / Polska från Seglora
12. Polonoise 19 aus Wittenberg
13. Nahke No: 36. Quadrille Deserteur
14. Poloness 41 nach Heinrich Füllgraf / Polska från Gladhammar
15. Sparvens polska

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